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HATCHERYFEED MAGAZINE – Now 4 issues a year! (Digital, PDF and print)

The Hatcheryfeed magazine uniquely addresses the need for practical information about feed and nutrition related to aquatic hatcheries. Read by hatchery operators, aqua farmers and feed manufacturers, it is also important to researchers, ornamental breeders and others who want to know about the latest developments in feed for early life stage and broodstock aquatic animals.

By overwhelming demand, starting in 2017 we are now publishing four issues a year!
The magazine will be available in digital, PDF and print format.

Issue 1, 2017: Focus: Live Feeds and Conditioners
The first issue (February/March 2017) will focus on early feeds, such as zooplankton, phytoplankton, enrichments for rotifers and artemia, water conditioners and microbial products. It will also cover the important areas of feed management, nutrition, and live feed production systems.

Our annual Feed Guide has been replaced by dedicated product directories. The Directory of Live Feeds and Enrichment Products will be included in this issue. Inclusion is free of charge. (see Entry Form attached).

Other topics covered in this and all issues include manufactured hatchery feeds, feed production, feed management, early lifestage and broodstock nutrition and all things feed and feeding.

Subscription is free – sign up now and make sure you receive your copy.



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