Rajasthan to get first ornamental fish breeding center

Rajasthan will soon have India’s first centre of excellence for breeding ornamental fish at Bisalpur in Tonk district, slated to be operational from July.
“We are developing a centre of excellence at Bisalpur at cost of Rs 5 crore with a purpose to establish national and international market in the field. We will breed nearly 70-75 species of the ornamental fishes including live bearers and egg layers,” state Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister Prabhulal Saini told PTI. He said that they are hoping to start the centre by July this year.
Some of the species of ornamental fish that will be bred at the centre includes Guppy, Mollies, Platies, swordtails among livebearers and Danios, Rasboras, Barbs and Gold Fish among egg laying fishes, the minister said.

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